LF.Group will help you find new teammates and plan aсtivities together in WoW

First advantage

Connect the account to Battle.net API and LF.Group will fetch all data about your characters

First advantage

Search for players who match your in-game goals, skill level and available time to play

First advantage

Schedule groups for specific game modes, each comes with a private Disc text & voice chat

Popular streamers use LF.Group to play with their viewers. Every player has a chance to get in!

It is more than a website

LF.Group also features an LFG Disc bot that serves as a multi-functional extension to the website. Everyone is welcome to add the bot to their server.

Profiles feed

Each actively looking for groups profile can be posted on connected to the bot servers. Any player can post his card by using /lfg command

Groups feed

You can create a group on your Disc server through the bot /create command.s

Easy setup

Just add the bot to your server, do not remove any permissions (!) and follow the instructions. Add LFG bot to your server

Add LFG bot to your server

Sign in to LF.Group to unlock its full potential. Stay in touch with the team: we are constantly adding new features and support more games.

All our toolkit is free to use!